Transition Coaching

360 Transformation Transition Coaching is an upgrade to our previous studio. Where we have added a powerful suite of life-transforming online services that go beyond helping you with physical health and fitness to also be connected emotionally with your way of thinking, believing and living.

We are now supporting you with more services, with a more holistic approach to transforming your health that work on a deeper level of impact using a combination of both the MIND and BODY that includes, Healing, Mindset, Nutrition, overall Wellness, and Fitness.

We work in small groups and 1 on 1 Programs. In a nurturing community for you to also connect with others and Yourself on this Journey of where you are now, to where you want to be, you will discover how to achieve fulfilment in finding happiness, contentment, love, abundance, strength, Physical Fitness and most of all  Purpose.



  • Are you feeling stuck in your life?

  • Do you struggle with your weight and Fitness?

  • Do you fear or resent what you do not have?

  • Are you unable to manifest the life you deserve?

  • Is fear, trauma or Illness preventing you from challenging yourself?

We can help with our diverse Programs.


Reformer Pilates works out the whole body to help with strength, coordination, focus, flexibility, balance and toning.


Theta healing is energy-based healing, Theta is a brain wave you access when you are in a meditative state.


Mat Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, It is very focused on using your core and Gluts.


Meditation is a Mind and Body practice increasing relaxation and mindfulness. Improving your overall thoughts, health, wellness and psychological balance.


Good nutrition promotes a healthy way of living and helps prevent illnesses and disease within our body. Food is only to fuel our bodies, to give us more energy, stamina and vitality to get through our day.


We are here to support you on your journey, help you achieve your goals and increase your fitness levels.


Yoga is a physical mental and spiritual practise. Its a total Mind and body workout. Basic movements are taught, great for beginners who want to start doing yoga but don’t have any experience of yoga. Yoga burns calories, tones muscles, helps strengthen your body while focusing on mindset.


Vinyasa is a more active class with a faster and more continuos pace than basic yoga, It also focuses on the breathwork and awareness, emphasis is placed not just on the poses themselves, but the transitions into and out of each posture. Also, you typically do not stay in the poses for long in a vinyasa yoga class.


This is a slower paced yoga to help calm the mind and the nervous system,simple poses over a longer period of time, challenges the body physically,mentally and Emotionally. It also combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep mediation and relaxation.

We are here to support you on your wellness journey, help you achieve your goals all while increasing your fitness levels.


I’ve been going to reformer pilates with Jenny for a while now and love it! I love the personalised attention that ensures all moves are done safely and correctly. Jenny already feels like a new friend! There are so many class times to choose from so you are sure to find one to suit your schedule. I love that she is collaborating with others and bringing more exercises and massage options to the one place which is rather convenient and exciting! I highly recommend going along to Jenny and 360 Transformation.

I highly recommend Jenny as a trainer! She is so supportive and encouraged me to give this a go to achieve my goals. Ive always wanted a flat stomach and I thought I was too old to do something about it. I decided to try Jenny mat pilates and reformer classes and after a month, I already feel amazing! I feel so much fitter and healthier. A size 8 dress which never used to fit now fits perfectly thanks to Jenny. Her early morning classes leave me feeling great for the rest of the day and the late afternoon classes ensure that I can go home and sleep well. I defiantly recommend Jenny’s classes to people of all ages and fitness.

I started seeing Jenny in July with no experience in Pilates Reformer. I now attend 4 times a week and I am becoming stronger, leaner and I love Jenny’s classes.

Jenny is amazing, I have never been consistent with an exercise routine – until now! Jenny ensures that all classes are fun and accessible to all levels of fitness and strength. I can feel myself getting stronger with every class.

I attend a class each week with a friend and enjoy it thoroughly. It works on different areas of the whole body with limited stress. I love it, thanks Jenny.

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