Mindset is the key to unlocking your full potential, It affects your outlook on life. There are no limits to your mind except those you impose on yourself with your own fears, beliefs, ambitions, determination, attitude, successes and failures. These are the attributes that help us move forward or keep us stuck or even shut us down.
What we want to help you achieve is change, which is done in gradual stages, working on the core of the problem. Then eliminating that thought by digging deep on the belief system that no longer serves you. We do this through various practices, such as meditation and a process called Theta healing to help eliminate change forever.


Nutrition is simply the process of taking in foods and using it for growth, metabolism and repairing your body from day to day. It also helps develop and strengthen your bones and muscles which allows your organs to function correctly and receive the nutrients they need.

We will help you navigate your way through what foods you will benefit the most from nutritionally with out being on a DIET!  Allowing your body to still have those savory and sweet foods you like just in a healthier way, All foods are good for you, it is all about moderation and eating only when you are hungry to fuel your body not fill a void and make you feel better.

Body transformations

transformations are methods used to highly motivate changes to your lifestyle. It connects mind and body to make changes to your physique, such as weight loss, weight gain, building muscle mass and strengthening your body like core and spine ect.

It changes our perspective of life and how we feel about it, from the outside to the inside, it then has a flow on effect to other areas in our lives in a positive way, which alters your thoughts and the way you feel about yourself. With our personalised Fitness regimes, working with our Professional and experienced Instructors. Pt Training with a personalised program around your individual needs. Pilates instructors to help with strengthening your body and core, also working on your posture, flexibility and stretching.

Yoga teachers to work on flexibility, stretching and mindfulness. Meditation creates an environment of harmony, happiness and wholeness within yourself and your beliefs.

Our Mission

MISSION 360 Transformation helps people seek their own empowerment by effectively changing old habits [pattern] and belief systems on the Mind and Body, replacing them with positive progressive techniques, to transform you into a healthier, happier version of YOU! With a personalised individual, natural reboot system. We help people who have injuries, illnesses, weight issues, relationship problems, stress fatigue, addictions, financial and Phycological. 360 Transformation will help you navigate your way through all aspects of your life. We address change through working on the core of the problem, from the inside out. We are all unique and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. We work with you in understanding what you want to achieve and develop an individualized program using various methods and practices that not only reach the core of the problem but will target your DNA to allow rejuvenation to occur. The Results you will experience feeling confident, energised, happier, healing of the body, release anger/frustration and living with purpose. We support you nonstop through your program using a 360 approach. *We will address your Mindset, Fitness and Nutritional intake to identify the best course of action.



    4 Month Program

  • 1 Theta healing session
  • 1Pt session
  • 1 Pilates Session
  • 1 Mediation session
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 1 Online group Pilates Class
  • All above 1 Hour sessions
  • 1 Consult (Progress, accountability, moving forward)   30Min

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Q & A 1 per month

  • Transform

    6 Month Program

  • 1 Theta healing Session
  • 2 Pt sessions
  • 2 Pilates Sessions
  • 1 Yoga class
  • 1 Meditation
  • 2 Online Pilates Classes
  • Nutrition Booklet
  • All above 1 Hour classes
  • 1 Consult 30min
  • Reformer Hire (optional)

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Q & A 1 per month

  • Transcend

    12 Month Program

  • 2 Theta Healing Sessions
    Choose up to 8 Classes
  • Personal Training
    Pilates Mat /Reformer
  • Yoga
  • 4 Online Live Pilates Class
  • 2 Meditation Classes
  • All above 1 Hour classes
  • 1 Consult
  • 2 Body scans
  • 1 Book Per month
  • Reformer Hire (optional)

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I’ve been going to reformer pilates with Jenny for a while now and love it! I love the personalised attention that ensures all moves are done safely and correctly. Jenny already feels like a new friend! There are so many class times to choose from so you are sure to find one to suit your schedule. I love that she is collaborating with others and bringing more exercises and massage options to the one place which is rather convenient and exciting! I highly recommend going along to Jenny and 360 Transformation.

I highly recommend Jenny as a trainer! She is so supportive and encouraged me to give this a go to achieve my goals. Ive always wanted a flat stomach and I thought I was too old to do something about it. I decided to try Jenny mat pilates and reformer classes and after a month, I already feel amazing! I feel so much fitter and healthier. A size 8 dress which never used to fit now fits perfectly thanks to Jenny. Her early morning classes leave me feeling great for the rest of the day and the late afternoon classes ensure that I can go home and sleep well. I defiantly recommend Jenny’s classes to people of all ages and fitness.

I started seeing Jenny in July with no experience in Pilates Reformer. I now attend 4 times a week and I am becoming stronger, leaner and I love Jenny’s classes.

Jenny is amazing, I have never been consistent with an exercise routine – until now! Jenny ensures that all classes are fun and accessible to all levels of fitness and strength. I can feel myself getting stronger with every class.

I attend a class each week with a friend and enjoy it thoroughly. It works on different areas of the whole body with limited stress. I love it, thanks Jenny.

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