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$55 Weekly Special Deal

4 Classes for just $55 per week…

Starting 20th March 2023


Reformer Pilates works out the whole body to help with strength, coordination, focus, flexibility, balance, and toning.

Reformers are also used to help build and strengthen your core, which is great for people who have had injuries, just had a baby, active and non-active people.

Reformer machines have springs with varying resistance that can be adjusted to your level of fitness.

We cater for beginners through intermediate. We can also personaliSe the classes for those who have injuries or people who have never worked out.

We work in small groups and provide individual attention to each and every client.

We focus on using the correct techniques and muscle groups for an effective and enjoyable workout


Boxing is a fantastic and enjoyable workout and exclusively available to customers who purchase our $55 weekly Special. 

Basic fitness boxing techniques & combos mixed with core exercises, body weight movements & conditioning drills to form a fun, high intensity fitness workout. Great for fitness, core strength & weight control. You will burn calories and get your heart pumping with a solid 45 minutes of boxing training. Our sessions include stationary and moving boxing combinations, with bodyweight exercises thrown into the mix. You will work with a partner, a group of 3 or the whole class, the combinations and variety are endless…you’re going to love it!

We will pair you up with a partner of equal ability to ensure you have an enjoyable, effective workout. Training with a partner improves your ability to stay engaged and supported during the workout plus you get to meet new people in the process.


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