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Jenny was recommended to me via a friend and has been amazing at helping my daughter who was struggling with depression and anxiety. Theta was new to us, but we are so very happy with the results to date.

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Meet Jenny Jones

A results orientated certified Theta Practioner, Pilates Instructor & Boxing Instructor. 

I am a Pilates Instructor & Theta Healer Practioner and have been working with clients for the last 4 years, in different areas of their life that they have been struggling with. I was based in Brisbane and am now excited to be working in the Gympie area.

I specialise in working with children, teenagers and young adults who suffer with mental health issues, Anxiety, stress, addictive behaviours, depression, drugs abuse, alcoholism, ADHD, PTSD, ASD, all levels of Trauma, psychosis and abuse.

I use multiple modalities, one of these is Theta to help heal barriers, blocks, anger, beliefs and fears associated with the respective illness. Theta works by changing the core problem and releases what no longer serves you.

This then helps the child/ young adult to rediscover their self-worth, strength, courage, purpose, abilities and independence to build strong fundamental foundations, connecting not only to themselves but also to others, including the parents if there has been a disconnection within the family environment.

Ultimately being able to recapture who they really are and what they really want in their life!

If you, or your child are struggling with any of these conditions and are looking for a more holistic solution you have come to the right place.


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