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Theta healing provides a quick and effective solution, for numerous mental health and physical conditions.

Theta is energy-based and is a brain wave you access whilst in a meditative state. Theta teaches your brainwaves to slow down, allowing the subconscious mind to be reprogrammed, clearing any limiting beliefs, illnesses, and blocks. Through fixing the underlying problem, you can heal the Physical, Emotional, and Physiological blocks in your life.

Learning a Theta lifestyle teaches you to become more connected to yourself and others, you will even feel the energy of things around you, attracting a more peaceful, happy, and contented life on a daily basis. Our Theta sessions help you to release your deepest beliefs, feelings, blocks and patterns of behaviour, that cause resistance, pain and suffering. 

Theta helps a wide range of issues from releasing past trauma, illness and sickness, resentment, anger, forgiveness, physical and mental health issues, stress anxiety, low self-esteem, weight issues, limiting beliefs, improving relationships, self-sabotaging, depression, feeling unsupported, abuse, past life trauma and so much more. 

What Customers Say...

I can highly recommend Jenny. I had been suffering with Anxiety for many years and tried just about everything. The Theta healing sessions were amazing and I noticed changes within myself very quickly.
Louise Johnson
Jenny was recommended to me via a friend and has been amazing at helping my daughter who was struggling with depression and anxiety. Theta was new to us, but we are so very happy with the results to date.
Jackie Newsome
A big shoutout to Jenny from 360 Transformations for helping me overcome a number of mental health challenges that have been with me for a number of years. For anyone who is suffering, give Jenny a try - she is awesome.
Mike Stuart


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