Fat freezing

Finally remove those stubborn fat areas that you just can’t get rid of…

Freeze unwanted fat away - permanently

The CoolSlimming 360° Technology Fat Freezing procedure is safe, requires absolutely no down time and can be done in as little time as it takes to have lunch!

Treatments are quick, pain free and there is no recovery time making this a perfect alternative to traditional invasive liposuction surgery.

The Revolutionary CoolSlimming Machine comes with 4 handles that can be used simultaneously to treat 4 areas at once.

Each treatment could remove up to 40% of fat cells, once they are gone,  they are gone permanently.

Benefits Of The Futuristic CoolSlimming 360° Machine

0ur Services

One Handle (Area) – Normal Price $499

Our Price $249

Two Handles (Areas) – Normal Price $399 each

Our Price $199 each

Four Handles (Areas) – Normal Price $389 each

Our Price $189 each